We create films that earn money and make impact, we know how to do it because we have a great marketing background and wide technical skills. Film production that will make you sell more.

Our films will:

  • increase your sales and profits
  • build engaged society
  • improve you PR, brand engagement and authority
  • raise awareness about your company, products or services
  • show your values and build the trust
  • target new customers and enhance customer relationship

Wiktoria and Jan – AdBrain owners.


Before we start

After contacting us we will provide you with a brief that contains all the questions needed to start our collaboration. 
When it is filled, we can start the production process that is divided into stages described below. 

We send You a pricing offer after first conversation with You or after filling up the form that You can find in “contact” tab.


At this stage we:

  • talk about all the details connected with production
  • work on the pre-shoot logistics 
  • prepare the shooting plan and all equipment needed
  • write a script 
  • find the location 
  • source the cast/voice actors
  • obtain permissions



At this stage we:

  • design the scenography
  • set-up the equipment 
  • produce and direct the film



At this stage we:

  • edit film online/offline
  • make colour correction and grading
  • source music
  • synchronize audio
  • add transitions/animations/texts/trenscription
  • export the film



We own the subscriptions on the websites such as: artlist.io, elements.envato.com etc. We have full rights to commercially use all the music and sounds from there. Usually we are responsible for finding and choosing the music, but if you wish you can choose it on your own on pages pointed above 🙂 

We have a paid subscription on the creative cloud from Adobe. To edit films we use PremierePro, we animate in AfterEffects.

Wiktoria and Jan - owners of the company have studied at Coventry University in UK. Thanks to being on Media Production course they were in the place where all trends and new solutions are born. They were taught and observed which newest future technologies and techniques applied to the industry are most effective in the fields of media, film and online presence


Wiktoria is responsible for production, directing and implementing marketing techniques. She took part in many Online Marketing courses with: Jan Jankowski, Kamil Maćkowski, KAMAN Social Media, Social Media Ninja and many more.


Jan is connecting his wide technical knowledge with soft interpersonal and creative skills. Thanks to that he can create very engaging videos with easy to understand and modern content.


As team, we complete each other using our competencies.

Yes. We own our own cameras with lenses, lights, microphones, audio recorders, drones.

We are always really grateful for letting us share your films, but we also respect every decision You make. We will not share any video without Your agreement. 

We work in Poland and in UK, but we are available to collaborate worldwide.

Yes. We are aware our clients would like to implement some changes to the films. You have 2 series of changes in the price of Your film. Every next change costs £11 per hour. Music is the only one thing which is not included to the changes series. We always send the music to the client before we start editing, because the whole film and ever scene need to fit to the pace of the music. That is why after we choose the music together it is not possible to change it for free. Change of the music that we agreed for is connected with additional payment.